• […] months into being full time notebook owner I conclude that my Dell Vostro 1310 is reasonably portable… But dragging it around with pack/unpack routine on top is hardly smooth […]

  • The DataRat


    “notebooks are all
    about compromises”


    Which is why they’ll ~never~ replace desktop machines.

    On the issue of portability:

    It’s ALWAYS features versus size. Major factor being the monitor.
    ( Bro. Rat’s desktop having a 24-inch monitor wasn’t accident ! )
    Weigh an insignificant consideration. NONE of ’em are really very

    Got three laptops: A 17-in. Dell, a 15-in. Compaq, and a 10-in.
    Asus. The strategy is one each for every occasion.

    The Asus netbook obviously has the most limitation. It’s also the
    quickest / easiest to get around. A ten inch screen being the
    absolute minimum usable. ( Although Asus’ new one with Win7 and a
    12-inch screen is ~very~ appealing ! )

    The diff between my 17-in. Dell vs. my 15-in. Compaq is nominal.
    But the smaller laptop’s portability can be significant under
    some circumstances.

    Prices for laptops have come down where regular people can afford
    two or three of these machines. It wasn’t all that long ago you
    couldn’t touch a laptop for under $1,000 !


    The DataRat


  • @DataRat

    I see notebooks replacing bulk of desktops just fine. They are more convenient for workspaces (which is a lot of computers) and consumer sales are booming as well because notebook prices came down so much.

    Personally I am not ready for a change, convenience of desktop monitor and large keyboard is too important. Not that you can’t use those with notebook but it feels more like a hack rather than daily solution.

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