• Though I always had curiosity about book readers, I didn’t have the chance to lay my hands in one yet: nobody sells it (officially) around here, and when I see one (illegally imported), it costs more than 3x the average USA price.
    I believe book readers are more comfortable and practical, but I love the feeling of a real book. And it’s just beautiful to see a shelf filled with your favorite books. Book readers will, some day, be common and maybe overcome the paper version, but I still won’t give up my paper books. I’m pretty sure I’ll read it on book reader and then proceed to buy the paper version if I like it. Even if I have to pay twice for the same book – good books are worth it.

  • @Seelenwahnsinn

    Yeah, can’t say that they are common and globally available so far. :( But it changes for better every year while devices get cheaper and more companies get interested in making them.

    About shelves – I am planning to seriously shake mine soon, too many books I won’t re-read piled up over years. And I am considering getting rid of those that have free digital copy as well.

    I can say that for me fact of reading makes forget if I am holding real book or book reader. :) And out of it book reader is much more convenient.

  • this sounds unique and even can practice more than as to always search on the net.. i want a book reader.

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