• I am a big big fan of HP. Their customer service rocks. I have one myself, and ran into some problem with it after around 2 years. Their customer service guys patiently helped me out even though warranty had expired long back.

    On the contrary, I had to pay Dell customer service to talk to them, just one day after expiration of warranty.

    BTW – I liked this concept of reviewing a product, and then adding an Amazon link for that. Really cool. Will try it sometime.

  • @Ishan

    I actually don’t encounter HP notebooks often, mostly Acer around here.

    As for affiliate stuff at this blog things are kinda slow. :) Overall I barely touched monetizing and it’s unlikely this blog will bring considerable sums until third year (at least) with such pace.

  • @Ishan

    Blog is a great toy so I expect it to entertain me for considerable amount of time. :)

  • Tiffany

    We were pretty skeptical about these due to the sub 500 price tag from our vendor, but bought one anyway as a swap out for one of our users. It’s great so far. The one problem we ran into with it was the Vista pre-install screwed up the initial XP installation. You have to wipe the disk with 3rd party tools (we zero’d it out using a utility from UBCD.) Don’t bother with the Vista/XP partition/formatting. After that, ran like a dream. Some little driver problems since, like the HP Bluetooth utility. But overall a great notebook. It actually runs BusinessMAP pretty well!

  • @Tiffany

    At sub-500 this one is a steal, even with lower-tier specs. :)

    For clean XP installs what I usually do is completely delete and re-create partitions when asked to choose one during setup. Don’t think it ever failed me.

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