• Hey at least this is a start right? Because of studies like this people are bound to start testing on their own and posting their findings on the net.

    I for one, would love to do some stress tests and such on hard-drives. My parents computer of 8 years, on which I first began my forays into development just recently died. They leave it on 24/7 at most putting it to sleep occasionally.

    Since I’ll be the one replacing all the parts, I thought it would be a good idea to go replace their old hard-drive with a nice fresh SATA II drive.. perhaps I’ll pick up the drive now and start testing..

  • @Angelo

    Actually it’s better people shut up about their in-home results. I quite hate when someone takes one piece of hardware and extrapolates “findings” to everything manufacturer ever produced.

    I had once seen person hating all of Samsung products because he had once bought printer with factory defect (which was naturally warranty-replaced).

    I use some HDD test tools worth posting about (MHDD, Victoria), but they are not high priority… Frankly HDD (and RAM) testing is one of most boring things ever. Takes hours (days if being thorough) and rarely finds a thing. :)

    They can also be quite harmful if not used properly. It is relatively easy to nuke or lock the hard drive with good low-level tool.

  • I recently bought a hard drive and the one problem I had with it, is that it kept disappearing from My Computer. Then when it would reappear, I had to “reformat” it. Scary, since I had data on it! Found out I had to rewrite the MBR of the disk. Then, I realized I had to use a better SATA cable. Problem fixed! (: I’ll probably write a post on my horror story so others can avoid freaking out like I did initially.

  • @Diego

    Luckily I didn’t encounter any problematic SATA cables so far. But IDE cables always sucked. At least problems with cable often show up on SMART (forgot exact indicator) so relatively easy to catch.

  • Yes, it took me awhile to figure out it was a SATA cable. It is not like I had them handy. I had to ask a friend.

    Word of advice, DON’T buy cheap cables! Also, don’t expect your data to be magically “formatted”. It might still be there. Simply your MBR might be corrupted.

  • @Diego

    I have tons of cables around. Never bought one separately, they just pile up over time. Doing some cleaning on vacation and had to sort through them and filter some I-have-no-clue-what-this-is-for cables out. :)

    Hard drives cables are easy to amass around where computers are assembled or upgraded. Motherboards come with bunch of cables why only two (HDD+DVD) are actually used most of the time.

  • Nathaniel

    What would you recommend for thoroughly stress-testing a new HDD? I’m thinking of picking up a couple of Samsung F1s because they’re dirt cheap, but there seem to have been quite a number of people complaining about bad sector issues very early on.

  • @Nathaniel

    Heh, I want to do some posts on HDD testing all the time but hesitant. Line between what can be safely used and dangerous non-user grade tools is very blurred here.

    If you are looking for maximum functions (and complexity that comes with that) I’d say MHDD is still best (for free at least)

    If something simpler – I quite like HDDScan http://hddscan.com/

    Interface in latest version is questionable but it is good for surface scans under Windows.

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