Dicota BacPac Run notebook backpack

So that post on how to best drag notebook around got plenty of excellent suggestions in the comments. I’ve looked through all of them, but typically most of brands or models named weren’t available around here. So I changed approach a bit – looked up available brands and mined their sites for something I might like.

So yesterday I got by new Dicota BacPac Run delivered – minimalistic and compact notebook backpack.

Looks and materials

Backpack looks so plain that it becomes interesting. I probably had seen it few times online as thumbnail but it wasn’t until I encountered larger photos that it caught my attention.



All of bag is made out of sturdy nylon. Back and front are padded with thick foam so it holds shape really well. Bottom is reinforced with large patch of rubber.

Because of simple and compact design it ends up very light itself (840g) . Makes a lot of sense to not add extra weight to that of of notebook.

Pockets and compartments

There is one external zip-locked pocket.

Inside there is only single large compartment with removable (held in place by velcro straps) notebook sleeve, which also has pocket on it.

There are two smallish internal pockets – for mobile phone and stuff plus hooks for pens. I’ve used one of the pen hooks to mount my CyberTool in its non-native pouch.

There is separate small bag for power brick.

Strong features

  • interesting looks;
  • sturdy and light materials;
  • compact design.


I like backpack itself (except that I thought it would be bit smaller), but not so happy about removable parts.

From dimensions on site sleeve was supposed to fit my Dell Vostro 1310 just fine, but in reality notebook is really loose in it. Strap that is supposed to hold the top fails to attach, because it is longer than needed.

In the end it is functional because backpack is thin and everything inside gets pressed together tightly, but it doesn’t look or feel good. I am on the fence for now but might just use backpack with my old Crumpler sleeve instead.

I thought bag for power brick goes on the bottom but strangely it doesn’t fit well that way. Best way I could organize it is in the top of backpack, on top of notebook. Fits nicely but doesn’t feel right either.


There is also Run Plus model. It moves internal pockets to enlarged outer zip-locked pocket and ads some extras as hole for headphones. I didn’t go for it because it is slightly bulkier and looks less interesting, otherwise it is probably more functional version.


Sturdy, compact and serious-looking backpack. Just don’t expect to fit much inside and you might need alternative sleeve for smaller notebooks.

No direct link – seems to be regional model, so try navigating from manufacturer’s home site:

Link http://dicota.com/

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    i want one!hehe .. it looks very usable backpack, i can put my laptop and the same time some of my stuffs, really unique..
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