• Chocobito

    Really interesting, also exist a model with a ATI Radeon 3200 that its way better that Intel GMA4500MHD, and the price is low, I think because this have a AMD chipset instead a Intel.

  • I think the best combo for getting a cheap deal is AMD/nforce chipsets and a nvidia card. AMD processors are great value , and nvidia are the better cards.

  • 4500 is enough for video and you don’t get any graphical performance worth speaking about for sub-$500 either way. :)

    AMD was for once on top with Athlon64 but when it crashed – it crashed hard. Choice of AMD-based notebooks is very poor around here, even with over-saturated lineups (I read for all brands combined we have like ~2k notebook models on market, it is total mess).

  • kalmly

    I appreciated your review since I don’t know anything about notebooks and am only confused when I paw over them in the stores.

    I’d like to have a laptop/notebook so I could take what I jokingly call my work with me when I go out of town and not be pining too badly for my lovely desktop. This could work for me. It has all the elements I care about: good, large screen, a keyboard, and whatever else is under the hood that makes it run :) For this, I wouldn’t really care about multimedia.

    As for pre-loaded crap, I learned from my last couple of computer purchases (believe me there was a long pause between the two) the best solution is to fork over the extra $ for your very own copy of whatever OS you want, wipe the hard drive of your new darling and start over. Cleaning up an OEM OS is a struggle I never want to engage in again. Murder is the best solution.

  • @kalmly

    I am not much of notebook expert myself. I own my first (Dell Vostro) for less than a year. :) But I do have plenty passing through my hands for initial setup and occasional fixes/cleanups.

    I think hardware is at point where pretty much any modern PC (maybe excluding netbooks) can handle office stuff. As result people care less about specs and more about design, mobility and price ratio.

    So subj has lowest possible price, decent design and usability but ugly heavy. :) It might work well as simple desktop replacement model for work.

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