• After reading your post I was searching for a nice “Good size” wallpaper.. But I just get really frustrated with the bad an low quality websites Google.nl keeps presenting when doing a search for “wallpaper + anything”…

  • @C. Tassen

    Google is not too good for searching for wallpapers. It’s better to find a good wallpaper site and stick with it, but they tend to specialize in images on specific topic so there is no one true site to use.

    Interfacelift has a lot of high-res wallpapers, but they mostly are photo/nature or abstract.

  • Doug

    Thank you for clearing this up — especially the part about the “native” dimensions of 1920×1408, which is necessary to work in both landscape and portrait positions and to allow for the side-scrolling effect.

    Now if I could only find some nice wallpaper images in those dimensions!

  • Thank you very much, this article is very helpful and all my concern about the wallpaper in my Android tablets is now answered….

  • Useful article, thanks. Also, I liked the picture you used as an example.

  • TW

    Thanks for your article and the template! I didn’t want to install an app for wallpapers so now I might try to see if I can modify some wallpapers according your template.

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