Why not make content come to you? This is what these fancy RSS icons RSS do.

Short version

  • RSS feeds are pure content – no site around them, no graphics, no sidebars, nothing;
  • RSS feed format was developed for delivering updates – saving time and improving productivity;
  • you don’t read them like web sites – you need special program or online reader.

How do you start?

Easy, you click links and icons RSS .

  • If you have proper browser like Opera or Firefox – they have all you need built-in.
  • If not – you’ll get web page with feed preview and nice choice of online readers.
  • Also check my post on excellent NewsGator family of RSS readers.
  • If still not – just google feed reader .

Feeds my blog provides


I had asked my readers why they subscribe to my feed and here are the answers I got.

Ben Tremblay I just love the blog. I mean, I don’t always find useful every application you review, but I still read the blog everyday just in case you review a software that could make my life so much easier! You know you already made my life easier with some of your reviews.

Ben Tremblay of frogstr.com

Margaret Yes, I drop in here 3 times almost every day, but if you write something and post it between those times or after my last time, then I won’t be the first or second to comment on it. :)

Margaret of eyespi20.com

Farrhad Rarst.net always has rocking content to offer and i do not wish to miss out on any updates.

Farrhad of LetsSermo.com

JonnyDogThis is the first comment I’ve made but i’ve been subscribed for three or four months and love your site. Just setting my own website up at the moment so I’m keenly following yours.

Jonny of Jonnysblog.com

JeeManHaha, well done Rarst! I am a regular reader for a couple of weeks, and I really like your blog. This kind of posts will make me come back, that is for sure!


The DataRatYou combine the polar traits of decisiveness (opinionated) with open-mindedness. It’s a combination what is normatively oppositional which makes your commentary winsome.

The DataRat

tincanmanGreat blog btw. I get you on a feed and read with enthusiam. Anything I’ve tried that you recommend has worked exactly as you said.

tincanman of tincanland.com

Have a nice content! :)