• Wow, you are quite a story teller. This was a new side of you that I was not aware of. I wish you luck in the contest. I have tweeted the story in the hope that you will receive the comments you require.

  • Silje

    Love the pictures on here

  • @Lyndi

    Well, this is not a stories blog. :) Thanks!


    Glad you like them. :) I suggest you visit photographers’ pages and check out original uncropped versions. By the way there is also some text between pics. :)

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  • szekelya

    Good story of a well planned blog, with long term strategies. Never thought blogs should have plans and strategies.

    On the other hand theming anything (desktops, cellphones or even blogs) is great fun, so if it was my blog, it would be mostly about showing off its themes rather than its content. :)

  • @szekelya

    It looks like a strategy when carefully told in a post. In reality it’s more of “find a thing that is most broken and try to fix” approach.

    I suck with design so themes were never a passion for me. Can’t really do my own and tend to nitpick on others. :)

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  • Great WordPress Story!!
    Congrats on 3rd place with the contest!!

  • @Indo Contest

    Thanks and glad you like it. :) Glad to make it into judges picks as well.

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