• Good to read about your achievements.

    As far as monetization is concerned you should have used Adsense atleast.

  • @Mithun John Jacob

    Good to write about them. :)

    AdSense got on my nerves by not offering any convenient payout methods in my country. My only option is check and caching it is so convoluted around here that I just gave up on it after couple of attempts.

  • I am getting even harsher on fluff. Maybe-seems-nifty is not something I will bother to write about. Back to the things that get me genuinely interested, excited and fired up. Even if that means that posts are few and far between.

    I think that is a good call.

    And as far as focusing more on WordPress content, I like that too : )

    Congratulations on 3 years. I’ve been following this site, and your work elsewhere, since last year when you were working on the new theme. I’m glad we crossed paths over at Theme Hybrid. Good luck going forward, Rarst.

  • @Brian Krogsgard

    Will see how it goes. :)

    I have no idea how prolific I will be about WP content. This is something quite complicated to write about at top quality level (see the mountains of crappy content about WP around).

    It is also challenging to find good topics that are not banal, yet are not too far into my obscure personal needs and constructs.

  • Rarst,

    I have been following your blog from day one and have your site on the What’s On My PC blogroll. It is one of my daily reads. Thank you…


  • @Rick

    And thank you very much for all of that! :) I hadn’t commented in a while over at your blog, but I do drop by now and then.

  • Hey Rarst, congrats on the milestone! Wow to think it’s been three years of reading this blog. That’s pretty incredible.

    I agree with the stricter of fluff as well. All your posts are interesting and I’d rather go a couple days without reading something new than to read 5 posts every day about the same thing everyone else is talking about.

    As for the WordPress stuff, definitely looking forward to reading that. I got thrown into some WordPress development at work and was amazed at how easy diving right in was. Can’t wait to read some of those posts.

  • @Angelo R.

    Yep, it was new blog and then suddenly it no longer was. :)

    Don’t less WordPress fool you – it is pretty easy on basic level (add function call here, remove function call here) because it is made to be that way, but if you get into any level of serious development it will wreck your brain a lot. :)

  • Sandrina

    Congrats on your progress. :)

  • JeeMan

    Hey Rarst, I haven’t left a comment in a while, but I still try to visit when I can.

    Congratulation on your three years milestone, and on your new career!

  • @JeeMan

    Thank you! As per post there hadn’t been much posts to visit often lately.

    I am currently dealing with backlogs on multiple fronts, so that I can free up more quality time for the blog again.

  • Tobey

    Rarst, I have been occasionally finding interesting articles and useful tips on your blog since the time I stumbled upon you at ghacks some years ago. I believe you have helped and inspired many. Keep it up.

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