• These designs are unbelievable. I really enjoy the ergonomic approach to these. This helps a lot if you use a mouse as much as I do. All day at work and then still blogging in the evenings and weekends. Those little carpal bones do sometimes take a hammering.

  • @Lyndi

    Yeah, I think it’s one of the best peripheral design ever. That original press release says that over 40000 hours was spent on initial MX series. I guess it fully paid off.

    What mouse are you using btw? :)

  • I don’t really like the designs of the Logitech.. I ended up buying Razer DeathAdder myself :)

  • @Michael Aulia

    Razer mice just feel wrong for my hand. And I am hardly active gamer so my demands are mostly for ergonomics not polling time, etc. :)

    Thanks for your visit and comment. :) Yan pitched me link to your blog today.

  • I just had logitech mice for years…they are killer mice! ;)

  • The designs are very good. but my mind never agrees with me to purchase a costly mouse.

  • @Ben

    Yeah, totally agree. :)


    Why not? Mouse works for years and mouse with unfitting ergonomics can cause health issues. In my opinion it makes sense to pay for best.

  • […] right click title bar to minimize. I have this function binded to hardware button in drivers of my MX500 at home. Lack of it drives me crazy at every other computer.Strong featuresApp is minimalistic, […]

  • Soylent

    Heh. The mousewheel on my MX500 finally broke today and I wasn’t able to fix it. Replaced the feet with teflon tape a couple of times through the years; had to clean out crud gunking up the buttons and keeping them from operating smoothly once or twice.

    Best mouse I’ve ever had; so I decided to check how old this thing was. I remember the MX500 being a newish model when I bought it, so about 2003; eight, fucking, years. That’s good build quality.

    I’m just going to grab the g400; the direct successor in form and function to the MX5xx series.

    As far as keyboards goes I’m still using an IBM model M from the early 1990’s. I’ve spilt coffee on that thing, dropped it on the floor and it still keeps trucking.

  • @Soylent

    My MX500 died as well, using Performance now. Not very impressed with it, it is step down from Revolution in some aspects and after a while left click started to double occasionally (seems to have passed at moment).

    I have considered one of MX500 follow-up models, but they are all corded and I wanted to try going wireless.

  • Alexis

    Yup, my MX-500 is in the process of dying.. it stops working for a couple of seconds then comes back. Probably a bad wire connection somewhere. On the upside, I’ve also had it pretty much since it launched. It (and my Genius keyboard) are the oldest components in my rig. That’s 8+ years! I love the little bugger. It makes me sad to have to replace it.. will probably be the G400 or G500 if the ergonomics of the 500 agree with my hand.

  • Lotta

    Hello, my mx500 do the same thing, so, i like to buy another one, Ive been looking, can not find the same, maby they dont make them anymoore??? Do you know??


  • @Lotta

    MX500 had been long discontinued. There have been multiple models very close to is since, at moment G400 and G500 mentioned above seems like closest to original MX500 you can buy.

  • @Soylent

    Mine died today (19.08.2012) and I’ve been using it since it appeared on the market (~10 years).
    All hail to MX-500!

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