1. jasray

    Hmmm . . . Adobe Connect (free); Zoho can be relatively painless; EyeOS? (don’t know); Groove–in short, good question–Mikogo, Glide, Yugma. I’ve tried these, but I find it difficult getting others to realize the potential in such online meetings.

  2. fbartels

    My choice is Alfresco.
    Ist is an Enterprise Content Management System that you can install on your own hardware (tomcat required) or you can host on Amazon EC3.
    You can acces your files over httpd (Portal), ftp, smbfs, cifs, sharepoint, imap…
    You can create groups that users can join and with the right permission of the user he can invite outside users.
    next pro would be the version control system of alfresco.
    In my opinion a very powerful and free (in the labs version) system.

  3. jasray

    Didn’t drop.io just start a beta conferencing interface–simple as almond juice. I use Adobe Connect for free–in fact, Buzz, Photoshop, Present all provide simplistic services.

  4. jasray

    Alfresco–yes, but I already see looks of disbelief in users’ eyes. DimDim? Maybe too simple. I’ll wait for the results–quite interested.

  5. Jacob106106

    I’ve never personnaly used them… Looks interesting
    - http://www.clockingit.com/
    - Chandler
    - timesheetxpress (Take the tour)

  6. Jacob106106

    Are you trying to find 1 tool ?
    Or a mix of tools for best results ?

    You should take a look at this: (if you have’nt already)
    - List of collaborative software

    You have a really good topic going on and I’m very interested to see the end results.


  7. Jacob106106

    An interesting collaboration software would have features similar to facebook… Just an ideal…

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