• cmpm

    Seems to me that sometimes comments like you describe are really an interest in more of the basis and knowledge you acquired of you opinion.
    Which they do not know.

    Or there is a certain ‘click’ among certain sites, and when you cross the popular opinion, you get flamed, ignored or silently blacklisted.
    Stupid, but it happens.

    Sometimes it’s best to ignore the flame and jabs at your person, because they really don’t know you.

    Just my 2 cents from a receiver of such ignorance.

  • Like so many things JS is one of those things that can be taken a bit too far. I will use a good script if there is no other feasible solution to that which I want to do.

    On the light box issue I tend to agree with you. Maybe we have all just seen one too many light box. When a script basically just slows a page down and does very little else, it should be avoided.

  • @cmpm

    Yep, it is curious leap from what my attitude towards specific technology is to my supposed knowledge and personality.


    I hear you on “too far”. :) Especially when multiply scripts are used without any kind of optimization. It is not uncommon to see pages with twenty and more scripts nowadays.

  • kelltic

    What? You dared to disagree with the “vast” majority? It’s good to get slapped around a little bit. Shows you’re honest and not afraid to voice a minority opinion. I come here to read your opinions, not everyone else’s. Keep sticking your neck out. That’s why I like you – that and we both enjoy cave living.

  • @kelltic

    Hehe, I am not a minority, I am myself. :) This blog is more about thinhs I like than things I dislike. So it is curious for me how negative opinion provokes more reaction.

    By the way when I share negative opinions here I always get very constructive feedback. I hope that somewhat reflects my own attitude – try to learn, think and make educated decision instead of going with the flow.

  • rainbowsky

    Oooh! I really do hope Jason F. over at Lifehacker reads your cogent remarks concerning disagreement and the necessity for mentioning those subtle mistakes in blogging that create chaos, distrust and mediocrity.

    He booted me off (forever I assume) for making a simple observation of blatant professional misconduct and failed to take ownership of a problem he actually created.


  • @rainbowsky

    I am pretty sure no one from Lifehacker reads this blog. :)

  • Chocobito

    Total agree with this post, also happen to me sometimes :(

  • @Chocobito

    I guess happens to everyone who actually does anything beside lurking online. :)

  • @Brad

    Depressive realism seems like a drag though.

    You get used to it after first twenty years. :)

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