• @Texas Wanderer

    Nothing less from my pet! :)

  • Your cat’s got a lot of common sense :)

  • @Ky

    His mind is shaped by lifetime search for food and comfort. Simple goals, effective methods. :)

  • haha you made me laugh with that post! It actually reminded me my cat doing every possible thing at 7am in the morning to wake me up because he’s hungry. Cats are so patients…! ;)

  • Very funny post… I would love to see your cat :)

  • @Ben

    Mine is always hungry… :)


    It would spoil my clean blog design. :)

  • Furry sage advice indeed. I also have a cat but I would never have thought of making the connection with humans as you have here. Well done.

  • @Lyndi

    I am not really animal lover but I try to remember that human mind is overestimated. :) Common sense and animal logic are exactly what is needed at times.

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