• You didn’t buy a wireless router? What about laptops? :)

  • @Brad

    As above – I have wireless one myself. :) As for this install only notebook came from pre-wireless times so there was no need. I do offered wireless but household voted against. Well, less hassle with security for me. :)

  • john lasersohn

    Thanks for your article. I’m troubleshooting a customer issue in which interoperability with a DLINK is a factor. They have D Link
    Model : DSL-2540U w/ Version firmware : RU_DSL-2540U_1.00_01112008

    I’m guessing this is the same ‘really old’ firmware you mentioned in your article

  • @john lasersohn

    Yep, seems quite old from that version. D-Link often provides firmware updates, but devices themselves seem to come with very early versions, unless there were hardware updates to it later.

  • @john lasersohn

    You are welcome. I hope update will help your customer.

  • Saman Atabaki

    Hi Rarst, I bought DSL-2540U today morning for one of my customers. I strongly need NAT support on it but when I try to update the firmware, it gives this error: “Fatal error during image uploading.”
    why is this happening? what should I do?

  • @Saman Atabaki

    Check that you are using firmware for correct hardware revision. See this (in russian, but images are self-explanatory)

    Had you tried advice from post? Rename firmware file to short name, place in root of disk C and use Internet Explorer to update.

  • Computer Help

    I usually check the manufacturer’s website before installing software/drivers etc that came in the box. Usually, the website has newer drivers.

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