• JeeMan

    I like this type of posts, where it is not the normal things you talk of. I also like it because it is about something new. I saw that game on PortableApps.com, but did not try it because I thought: “bah, just another game”.

    But after reading your post here, I downloaded it and… dang, what a game! I just lost half an hour playing this game.

    Great discovery (and time waster!) :D

  • kelltic

    I like games. Silly games. Mindless games. Once upon a time, I loved the puzzle games that took a lot of thinking. No more. Now all I’m interested in is rest for the galloping, if not very clever, brain that I am stuck with. Games are supposed to be relaxing, fun, not another stressor. Thanks for pointing this one out.

    And have a relaxing day!

  • @JeeMan

    I didn’t check it right away either, but screenshot was interesting enough to download and store in stuff to sort through.


    I like puzzles but there are very few interesting and original around. Match-3 stuff is interesting first few times, but not when most of games are its variation.

    PS today I almost passed 4km on few good runs in subject. :)

  • LOL, this game accounts for a great deal of my wasted time over the past few months. No sooner had I stopped playing it on my Mac I found the iPhone game and have been hooked!

    It took a good long session on Field Runners to enable me to kick the habit! LOL

  • @Jim

    Yeah, it’s way too tempting to make “just one more run” in this one. :)

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