1. Pallab

    The software certainly looks pretty (looks identical to WMP). Gonna give it a try. But to be honest the only software that I really trust is SpinRite. Its the grand dady of all HD tools and is still the best by far for diagnostics as well as repair.

    For SMART I use CrystalDiskInfo (those guys have a separate tool called CrystalDiskMark for benchmark).

  2. HDDScan: data rescue assistance

    We have released a new version of HDDScan – v.3.3.

    This version includes Windows 7 and Vista support and works with SSD!

    Thank you for great article and feel free to visit HDDScan.com to get a new version :)

    All the best,
    Dmitri (project admin)

  3. HDDScan: data rescue assistance

    Just forgot to mention:

    since you liked the article about HDD “anatomy”, you may be interested in our new article about simple data recovery:


    (but it’s less technical and can be useful for newbies trying to rescue their lost files)

  4. bob blankenship

    Can’t get HDDScan to run on Win7 x64

  5. bob blankenship

    compatibility mode solved problem

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