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wprecipes_logo Micro-blogging is form of blogging focused on sharing short bits of text or media. Somehow it is only known as Twitter and other blog/IM/chat hybrids.

What if you take concept but replace common media with uncommon one? Something very niche like snippets of PHP code? You get awesome and highly focused blog with explosive growth. That’s what WpRecipes exactly is.


100% of content on WpRecipes are daily posts with snippets of PHP code to use in WordPress blogs . In my opinion it takes great restrain to produce something that focused. I’ve chosen few broad categories for my blog so I have some room, Jean-Baptiste Jung (author of WpRecipes) had basically chosen single tag for his.


Did I mention micro part? Every post at blog has excerpt with description, piece of code and small picture for eye-candy. It is all tightly packed in calm minimalistic theme. Also monetized in really cool and fitting way – that footer looks so tasty .

I know that blogging-related blogs are only interesting to bloggers. However I think biggest value of WpRecipes is not really in providing code snippets, it’s in being great concept and overnight success . Blog is recipe itself and I would totally love to see more of such in different (not necessarily blogging) niches.


Blog http://www.wprecipes.com/

RSS http://feeds.feedburner.com/wprecipes

Twitter http://twitter.com/catswhocode

This post was written for contest at CatsWhoCode (sister blog of WpRecipes) which may have influenced size of cute cat pic but left my opinion untouched.

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  • That’s a very nice concept and that got me thinking about other avenues for such an idea… ;)

    Good one.

  • @Ben

    Yeah, this blog consumes all of me but concept is worth remembering for later. :)

  • This site has shown phenomenal growth, Shows you, you have to provide that which your readers want, no fuss, no frills, just good content.

  • @Lyndi

    I think in this case form surpasses content a bit. :) There are plenty good blogs on WordPress but I don’t know other with such growth.

  • I swear I learn something new everyday in this blog world. I am going to get myself together. That is a very interesting site and I like the layout for this idea.

  • @Freddie Taylor

    Blogging is vast. :) Welcome and I hope you find something interesting and useful in my blog as well.

  • I agree with you rarst. I have become a regular visitor of wprecipes.com. It is a very good site with lots and lots of tips coming up.

  • @Nihar

    Yeah, it’s great resource for bloggers. It’s probably harder than it looks (as usual with succesful projects) so I am sticking with “generic” blogging for now. :)

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