• Oh no!!!! A post about contests entry…

    Just kidding ;) That’s OK, the way you brought it was just fine as you simply mentioned: “I’m participating in these two contests, x and y”. No sales pitch or anything, that’s good.

  • You are not forcing either of the competitions down the reader’s throats. I think you handled this just great. There are some great prizes up for grabs here. I wish you well if you decide to enter either or both of these.

  • @Ben

    I just have blogging complex about news-type posts. When I read ten posts about something in RSS then thought of writing eleventh about same makes me slightly sick. :) And contests generate a lot of posts.


    Thanks and I kinda do enter them with this post. :) Otherwise I’d definitely kept it shut. Only need three more comments to qualify for second one.

  • Well here’s another comment so 2 more to go I guess. It’s funny – I’ve been looking at the wp-remix theme and almost bought it. I’ll enter the contest as well. I recently won the Get More Sales videos for Michael Rasmussen so maybe I’m on a roll.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  • @Luca

    Good luck with your entry. :) Glad to see you around and commenting again.

  • More traffic with a contest? BTW thanks for your information

  • @Dhyarga

    No problem. :) Thanks for commenting and good luck if you are going to participate.

  • Rarst, thanks for letting me know about the contest.

    ALl the best for you if you are in that contest!

  • @Nihar

    Glad people find information valuable and thanks for being fifth commenter so I can qualify for second contest. :)

  • Almost missed this one…. good luck in the contests! I hope you win something. Since I never do, you may have any good luck that I might possess.


  • @Margaret

    I am not really hopeful about random winners contests. Those with post writing and jury are raking most winnings for me. :)

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