WpVote.com takes on WordPress social news selection

The site had since perished.

wpvote_icon I had previously covered explosively successful WpRecipes micro blog and WpVote is another project (recently re-launched) from Jean-Baptiste Jung.

So same topic and another form – what it has to offer?


WpVote is again all about WordPress. It allows any and all posts related to this blogging platform directly or remotely.


Site was completely redone and now is WordPress-based with a lot of customization to work as Digg-like service. Visually it hints at blog looks but more streamlined and focused on article titles and site thumbnails instead of usual content (which is naturally missing).

Articles are separated into published front-page ones and upcoming, with latter yet to get enough votes from registered users.


Where WpRecipes succeeded by covering extremely focused topic, WpVote covers wide field and aims to excel at selection process.

At moment it had barely started to amass following to make social selection relevant. I do not see a single front-page article with over ten votes at moment. It needs users to grow and grow to attract users. Twisted task with topic insufficient for mainstream audience but somewhat unfocused for WordPress crowd.

Time will show, but personally I don’t expect it to become wildly popular resource. Cynical me.


Site takes mainstream formula and tries to apply it to backyard. And that backyard is packed full of alternatives already so it will have tough time clearing corner for itself.

Let’s wait, see and wish it luck either needed or not. :)

Disclosure. This post was written for contest at CatsWhoCode (sister blog of WpRecipes and WpVote) which had no requirements and left my opinion completely untouched.

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  • Lyndi #

    Jean-Baptiste definitely seems to be going places. If this revamped site is going to be anything like his other two sites, this one will be worth keeping an eye on. WP Recipes has most definitely rocked the blogging world, that growth was phenomenal.
  • Rarst #

    @Lyndi I think WpVote is more of long-term project, where WpRecipes enjoyed instant success. Anyway will be interesting to follow this one. :) Jean is very creative as usual.
  • chandra #

    WpVote is running successfully and it has great future