The very first post

Hello! The first post is supposed to be kinda introductive but I already made nice (relatively) about page for that.

So instead of that quick overview of things to come. Main themes for this blog are going to be:

  • software - especially freeware and portable; some tried and rock-stable, some new and cutting edge;
  • web - blogs, sites, services… If it provides interesting information or tools it is worth attention;
  • bit of programming stuff - most probably AutoIt! because it’s easy to showcase and make useful things with;
  • I’ll try to restrain myself but dips into offtopic are of course possible. Still my personality is so attached to above that those are not going to be far away journeys.

Even shorter list of things to never appear here:

  • IT preaching. I won’t ever try to agressively convert you into my browser, mail reader, highly worshipped blog or whatever else. I’ll write about interesting things, that’s all.
  • Things I really don’t believe in. Like ghosts and Windows Vista. :)

PS this is my first from-scratch blog experience. Feedback on everything and anything is most welcome. Thanks in advance. :)

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  • MK #

    Nice date for a first post. I've seen you a lot on gHacks, but I didn't know you have your own blog, just stumbled here through FreewareGenius. Nice blog. Keep it up. *Thinking, perhaps I should start my own English blog too*
  • Rarst #

    >Nice date for a first post. Hm? >didn’t know you have your own blog Well blog is obviously fresh and I had only started to build traffic little by little. >Nice blog. Keep it up. *Thinking, perhaps I should start my own English blog too* Thanks, will do. :) And making English blog and targeting worldwide readership is really cool experience. It took me quite a bit of time to stop thinking and actually start working on it.