• kelltic

    If you knew me you would know not to get between me and my thought processes. When I’m working or when I’m trying to get some unpleasant task out of the way, anything that pops up and makes an announcement – even though I was the one that told it to do so – awakens my killer instincts. It is the rage that affects my work flow and my productivity. Knowing that, I do not use RSS – ever. I have two email accounts. I check one of them twice a day and the other one once. When I’m working, I turn off all reminders and all notifications. I unplug my phone.

    More extroverted types thrive on injections of outside information. We all have to find our own level of tolerance and adjust the “noise” accordingly.

  • @kelltic

    Myself I don’t mind interruption itself. But I hate interruption for no good reason, like another spam comment asking to be trashed and such.

    I think you are missing out with RSS. It is strongly associated with real-time crap but actually there is no rule that it has to update often or update automatically at all. It works just as well in bulk and on-demand.

  • Rush

    That is so me. Got my little electric train just chugging along in circles in my head. Even the distractions I would want to be notified of produce the grrR reaction.
    “What!!!! So? Your on fire, does that seem like a logical reason to knock my train of thought off the tracks!!! Moron!”
    That particular reaction, within myself, is one I have long puzzled over. I do my best to correct it… but…grrR
    Strangely this reaction seems to be a mild form of the so called “Wife-Kill” reaction, where anyone near you is instantly and absolutely responsible for any mistake you make on the ps3.
    Yeah… you saw him sitting there. You forgot to reload after the last firefight, only have 4 rounds left in the current mag, but don’t notice. As you ran up on him, you KNEW how stupid it was. Still you arrived, reloaded and got knifed, BUT, it is still the fault of anyone near you ESPECIALLY anyone who has been sitting there quiet as a mouse trying not to disturb you.
    Well documented and perfectly reasonable reaction if you ask me.

    grrR I didn’t mean ask me now, CANT YOU SEE IM WRITING THIS!

  • @Rush

    I get a feeling your issues have less to do with technology and more with large family. ;)

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