Prospering in ultra-competitive online environment

It might seem easy to be tiny bit above average when competition is small. Get good grade, write best work, be most qualified at job.

Internet changes that perspective by pitting you against the world and that can make or ruin feel of personal worth.

Largest competition ever

There are always multiply thousands (literally) of people doing same thing you do online. Blogging, programming, hanging out on Twitter, playing games, making money or whatever else. Worst of it that you no longer see average around you. You notice the best, the most successful and most known. Not only sheer quantity of competition is great but you are also stuck with staring at the very top. Look around instead of staring high all the time.

Find feeling of time

Things take time but Internet is bad at tracking that. You see current state of things. It helps to have a history with site of program, know what in it works and fails for you. Still most of things will seem fresh and polished even if it took them years to get there. There is no danger of being late for anything.

See behind the curtains

There is no such things as overnight success. Even when things totally seem like one – in reality there were countless hours of work, experience, networking and leverage before to make that one boom. Some people have it easier, some harder but there are none of those who get it for free. If you want that much be ready to work that much.

Pick best audience

Being discouraged with abundant competition only means that there is also plenty of audience out there. People who have a lot of choice but can still choose what you do because they like it (shocking, isn’t it?). It sucks doing something in human-proof bubble, it feels awesome when someone gives a damn about what you do. Having millions of people to chose from it is easy (relatively) to find some who need and appreciate what you do. Find people who like what you do or at least wait for them to find you.

Do things your way

Mimicking something that had already been done is ultimate trap online. It may even work - with a great prospect of being stuck in something someone smarter pulled of and discarded as old toy. For life. Do you write “I followed my colleagues and ripped of how they do their work” in your resume? Numerous great things had started with doing something small for yourself. Use the tools when they are needed but be aware where tools end and creation starts. What works for you might work for many.


So… Want ultimate recipe for being well, doing well and feeling well online? Stop being petty, glaring at others, go do something you will like and share it with those who will like it too.

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