• Awesome man. Thanks a lot! I’ll try not to lurk so much. :D

    Sorry the submission rate was so low. We’ll have to investigate how to make it go better because I’d like to run a give away on my site once I get a bit more established.

  • Hey, my apologies for never entering this. While I had every intention of doing so, things just started piling up. I’m sure you noticed my rather large absence from ANY comments on your website for a while.

    Things have just started to cool down now, so hopefully things can finally go back to normal!

    Congrats to the winners!

  • @Nick

    As most online challenges that one probably fixed with enourmous amount of traffic. :)


    Yeah, you kind disappeared lately. I sure know that things like to come in bulk. :)

  • Give-aways are sometimes frustrating. Here where I live I have noticed something else. Two of the bigger printing companies that used to print business cards, no longer offer this service. Could it be that the demand for business cards is not so strong anymore? I cannot see why this could be so, but anyway…

  • Awesome, thanks for running this giveaway. This is going to help me out enormously.

    I am sorry the turnout was so low. Keep up the great content though, and I am sure your subscriber count will improve.

    Congrats to you Nick as well.

  • @Lyndi

    I honestly have no idea. :) I tend to have too many jobs and change them relatively often to bother with business cards each time.


    Good luck with your projects and put those cards to good use. :)

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