• Nice contest my friend! What, you don’t ask me to subscribe by email, tweet your contest, add you on facebook and call all my friends to talk about you? ;) hehe

    I will enter the contest for sure. Let me get a picture of my business card and I’ll send that to ya!

    Oh yeah…I’ll tweet your contest even if you don’t ask me to hehe

  • @Ben

    Yeah, no social media torture, can you imagine that? :) Waiting for your card.

  • I told you I would submit one. :)

    This is actually a different kind of business card. It’s called a calling card and its 70mm x 28mm so it’s a lot smaller than the average. I had to blow up the image a bit so you could see. Let me know what you think.

  • @Nick

    Thanks for submission! :) Cool typography on card btw.

    On size (that’s to all) my layout fits 540px width so people who like to micromanage can fit images to that. Of course I’ll handle resizing if needed so all cards look grand in results showcase.

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