• Hi Rarst, Thank you for your contribution! You’ve really put your finger on a major paradox of digital living. As a blogger, I constantly crave new great sites (like this one) and complain about information overload. Makes me glad I’m not a phone addict as well.

  • @Brad Shorr

    Yep, we are like squirrels that get so much food… information that can’t be possibly processed sometimes. But still looking for more. :)

    Thanks again for organizing this group writing! I find concept most charming and try to participate in as much of them as I can.

  • @Matt Harwood

    Yeah, sometimes it’s good to shut it. But for plenty of people that is unimaginable choice already.

    I swithc my phone to silent when I come home in the evening and keep it that way until morning. I might check on missed calls/messages once in a while but evenings are time when I don’t like any calls.

    Welcome to blog and thanks for commenting. :)

  • Matt Harwood

    An important point well written, Rarst. I often even get to the point of turning my mobile off for several days to escape the (what is occasionally) madness.

    Oh, and new reader here – great blog, enjoying reading, thanks!

  • Nice post. Very well written. I am not that mad with mobile phone. I use it to only calls and sms

  • @Nihar

    Thanks, I was barely in time for deadline and glad my writing hadn’t suffered too much. :)

    I am not mad with my phone either, but I strictly control my usage. Also at times I have to explain people that knowing my phone number doesn’t mean they can bother me any time they want.

    In non-work hours I simply don’t answer most of unimportant calls.

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