Rise and fall of mobile hyperconnectivity

Mobile phones are blessing without disguise. Blessing that comes with bunch of trouble hidden in brilliance. Rise and fall of being mobile, which point of curve we are at?


Mobile is best transport for information ever. It’s close and fast .



  • check work issues – right now;
  • chat with friend – right now;
  • read an article in Wikipedia – right now;
  • get important email – right now;
  • anything and everything is right now away.

Hyperconnectivity tore information away from static dwellings and made it live in our pockets.

  • less time wasted on waiting for opportunity to connect;
  • thirst for information – satisfied and gone;
  • hills of information that were focused in few work or evening hours – properly distributed across all day.

Pure bliss?


Our problem is that we are forgetting how to refuse information.



  • we keep talking;
  • and messaging;
  • and reading;
  • and searching;
  • and listening;
  • while we need it…
  • …and while we don’t.

Tool is mistaken for a lifestyle, missing call is a sin of modern age and losing cell coverage is a trip to hell.

We can get anything and everything - right now. But do we have to ?


Every day we strive for more information and every day we strive for less. Rise of mobile phones was too sudden and fall is not scary enough – at first.

We will rise or fall, sewn by mobile strings. Do we even care which will it be anymore?

This post was written for Cell Phone Users and Abusers group writing/contest. Images by ilco .

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  • Brad Shorr #

    Hi Rarst, Thank you for your contribution! You've really put your finger on a major paradox of digital living. As a blogger, I constantly crave new great sites (like this one) and complain about information overload. Makes me glad I'm not a phone addict as well.
  • Rarst #

    @Brad Shorr Yep, we are like squirrels that get so much food... information that can't be possibly processed sometimes. But still looking for more. :) Thanks again for organizing this group writing! I find concept most charming and try to participate in as much of them as I can.
  • Matt Harwood #

    An important point well written, Rarst. I often even get to the point of turning my mobile off for several days to escape the (what is occasionally) madness. Oh, and new reader here - great blog, enjoying reading, thanks!
  • Rarst #

    @Matt Harwood Yeah, sometimes it's good to shut it. But for plenty of people that is unimaginable choice already. I swithc my phone to silent when I come home in the evening and keep it that way until morning. I might check on missed calls/messages once in a while but evenings are time when I don't like any calls. Welcome to blog and thanks for commenting. :)
  • Nihar #

    Nice post. Very well written. I am not that mad with mobile phone. I use it to only calls and sms
  • Rarst #

    @Nihar Thanks, I was barely in time for deadline and glad my writing hadn't suffered too much. :) I am not mad with my phone either, but I strictly control my usage. Also at times I have to explain people that knowing my phone number doesn't mean they can bother me any time they want. In non-work hours I simply don't answer most of unimportant calls.