• grigoris

    you are so right…
    at the photo world there are never ending cult wars. think of canon vs nikon. or are there bulk wars? anyway leica is probably cult.

  • @grigoris

    Well… Last camera I owned was pre-digital era Kodak so I am not qualified to say about that field. :)

    Reminds me I should really go and buy digital camera some day, I don’t even have one in my mobile phone (shocking).

  • The DataRat

    “One more year”

    Been hearing that from Linux fanatics ~every~ year for past ten years.

    THIS will be the year Linux takes over the consumer desktop !

    Of course it never happens …but NEXT year it will.

    Also get a kick out of Mac cultists. I’m old enough to remember when
    Apple computers had a less than 3% marketshare (just a few years ago).
    The iPod revived Apple’s computer biz, and iPhone doubled the Mac’s
    marketshare. But the really funny part is the hate directed at

    Had Microsoft stop making MS Office for Mac back when the Mac’s
    marketshare was only 2.7% and only going down, Apple would’ve
    shortly been out of the computer biz !

    In other words: Microsoft saved the Mac.

    Apple zealots ~hate~ Microsoft anyhow, though. Quite remarkable.

    The DataRat


  • @DataRat

    >Apple zealots ~hate~ Microsoft anyhow, though. Quite remarkable.

    Cults can’t exist without hating something. It’s cheap (and low) way to make people feel superior and keep paying for that illusion.

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