• “…when you decide something is THE right way you destroy your ability to see ways that come at another angle”

    Wow, you are becoming quite the philosopher. Technology is much like life itself.

    For me there is always 3 ways of approaching anything. There is the right way, the wrong way and then there is MY way. Dealing with things in this way helps me not to block out possible alternatives to whatever it is that I might be doing.

    I always jump at an opportunity to try new things, I am not scared to take chances but I am also always prepared to admit if I have made a mistake and then switch my way of doing things.

  • @Lyndi

    Philosopher is someone pissed off at life enough. :) And I am in quite bad mood lately.

    Admiting mistakes (at least to yourself if not others) is critically important for learning. It’s a pity absolutely most people are plain scared of this simple action.

    It is better better to say something that makes you look like an idiot than stay silent and be an idiot.

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