Dip into affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the most hyped technologies in blog monetizing. Except that in the beginning I hardly saw how blog that is focused on good free software can be qualified to sell readers… something.

It took plenty of thinking and few reality checks to form my opinion on what affiliate offers you will see at this blog.



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What is not free

There are roughly three things that still worth spending money on, even in shiny world of Internet and freeware goodness:

  1. Hardware. Unfortunately current level of technology doesn’t allow to download new notebook from Internet.
  2. Subscription services. Antivirus software and similar business models are continuous. If you want to make use of them you have to pay. For example I had reviewed free Comodo Firewall and was invited into affiliate program for Comodo Internet Security Pro.
  3. Software that is absolutely awesome and has no viable alternatives. I admit these are pretty rare but they do exist.

How this will affect the blog

  • I will slightly increase number of hardware posts.
  • Some affiliate products might be revisited from time to time – to review updates or specific functions in-depth.
  • I will never ever promote anything I hadn’t personally used.

Proper privacy policy is up (for some time already). Translating in human – by mechanics of how web sites operate I accumulate bunch of logs and statistics. Which are only used for analytics and nothing else.

I will probably be too lazy to mark affiliate links. Personally I don’t care if link I click is affiliate or not. If you do – well, I can’t (and frankly don’t want to) really do anything. If hundreds of posts in this blogs are not convincing enough that I value my opinion and honesty above few (literally) bucks this blog makes me, what is?

In few years I hope to post how this made me a fortune. Counting on you all. :)

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  • Donace | TheNexus #

    Sounds good man...as long as it is all impartial and you don't whore yourself out! I was planning to setup a page of just recommended software etc and Point people to it... yes truly lazy :p
  • Rarst #

    @Donace You know I hardly chase after money. :) It's more like slow poking here and there to estimate is this blog can really be considerable additional income in long term.
  • Frederik #

    Nice approach. I am going to be tuned. As your headline implies "cynical thoughts" - this is a dip of truth, or what? I like it when people just "sell" things they own and know about. So as I mentioned: I am curious now.
  • Rarst #

    @Frederik "Dip" as opposed to "diving into affiliate completely and destroying blog with dozens of sales posts". Like some do. :) I am not much of a sales person, actually I expect AdSense to perform better than affiliate (when I get to properly zoning and testing). Will see how it goes. :)