• Donace | TheNexus

    Sounds good man…as long as it is all impartial and you don’t whore yourself out!

    I was planning to setup a page of just recommended software etc and Point people to it… yes truly lazy :p

  • @Donace

    You know I hardly chase after money. :) It’s more like slow poking here and there to estimate is this blog can really be considerable additional income in long term.

  • Nice approach. I am going to be tuned. As your headline implies “cynical thoughts” – this is a dip of truth, or what?

    I like it when people just “sell” things they own and know about. So as I mentioned: I am curious now.

  • @Frederik

    “Dip” as opposed to “diving into affiliate completely and destroying blog with dozens of sales posts”. Like some do. :)

    I am not much of a sales person, actually I expect AdSense to perform better than affiliate (when I get to properly zoning and testing).

    Will see how it goes. :)

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