• OMG I didn’t know they discontinued MX Revolution :O
    I hope I can still find some supplies and buy two or three backups since this is the best mouse ever =)

  • @Klemen

    From feedback on Performance, some people aren’t too happy about it after using Revolution. Especially if your Revolution fails while on warranty now – you are likely getting no-choice Performance as replacement. Well, since I hadn’t had Revolution not much of an issue for me. :)

    I could have gone for G700, killer buttons on that one… But doesn’t seem to be sold around here yet.

  • I can mail you G700 if you want one :) Anyways, I’ve had two Revolutions now, and the left button failed with the first one, this seems like a common issue, I’ve heard about people having this problem. Nonetheless, I’ve bought the same model, used. And I’ve checked today, there’s plenty of them still available for a decent price of 70 euros, so I’ll probably get one of those as a backup.

  • @Klemen

    Nah, too many toys this year already. :) Getting used to Performance and tweaking buttons. Wheel aside it is really comfortable mouse to use.

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