1. MK

    I’ve been using FastStone Capture for years (the free version) and still haven’t been able to find a replacement for it. Great application.

    EasyCapture looks very promising, with a tabbed interface and all, but the image quality is a turn-off, makes me go back to FSCapture. I’m still looking for its new release.

  2. Rarst


    Yeah, FCapture feels reaaaaly polished. Nothing unneded, great usability.

    Hadn’t tried EasyCapture. I’ll check it out.

  3. The DataRat


    Been using IcoFX for icon extraction. Never tried Fast Stone for
    screen capture, but have been happy with Greenshot.


    Appreciate the tip on Image Grabber. Just downloaded it, and shall
    try it out soon.

    Have been using VLC for both video re-play and frame capture.


    The DataRat


  4. The DataRat


    Well, tried Image Grabber. Installed and started ok. But
    couldn’t get it to work in either .wmv, .flv or .avi files
    …90% of what I work with !

    Guess I’ll stick with using the screen-grab faculty in VLC.


    The DataRat


  5. Marc Achtelig

    Maybe good additions to this post are the checklist of criteria for selecting a screen capture tool at http://www.indoition.com/screen-capture-tool-choosing.htm, as well as the list of screen capture tools on the same web site.

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