• That’s a good service if you run mission-critical websites or websites for customers. If your customers keep saying their website is down, at least you have something to prove it isn’t ;)

  • @Ben

    Yep, simple and freebie. I wish I could receive emails from it like SMS but my mobile operator had shutdown that option because of spam. :( I totally dislike to check email from mobile.

  • I must admit having updates directly on your mobile is a really nice way to know when your website is down.

    By the way, I have a favicon now ;)

  • @Ben

    >By the way, I have a favicon now ;)

    Took you some time… :)

  • @Jacob

    Thanks for visit and links. :) I am following your blog on group writing for some time.

    I have trouble with non-working links on monitor one. Siteuptime looks interesting and with bit more functional free plan than Uptime Party.

  • Great find. this service will help us get whether a site is up or not…

  • @Nihar

    Just don’t rely on it too much, 60 minutes between scans in free version = not very often. Good freebie for beginners but large sites with heavy traffic should go for paid or self-hosted services in my opinion.

  • @Dan Anos

    Care to provide some details on that?.. I don’t see actual site or something around that signup page.

  • buythiscomputer

    Hard to find a good free service, any other idea ?


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