• Nice script!
    I know it’s not elegant or self-contained, but you could have your script invoke blat to send the report. I usually do this to send reports from non-SBS windows servers. Blat can be found at http://www.blat.net/

  • @Ben Zipperer

    Thanks for suggestion. I saw that one mentioned in AutoIt forums as well, will check it out.

    Still it’s not mission critical script and I like to keep AutoIt scripts… autoitish. :)

  • Tom Thompson

    This is not a AutoIt script but I use The Dude to accomplish the same thing. It is lightweight, free, runs as a service and is client/server based.


  • @Tom Thompson

    Thanks will take a look at it. :)

    Overall I am not too interested in whole infrasctructure monitoring. This script is more of exercise – I like to write bits of different code and modularize to have such functional snippets ready for when I need something complex done.

  • You can send email with Rebol and if you want to monitor your server it’s easier than with Autoit, it’s also free even for commercial use :)


    str-url: ask “url to monitor? ”
    url: to-url str-url
    str-email: ask “email to notify? ”
    email: to-email str-email

    forever [
    if error? try [
    read url
    ] [
    ;pre-requisite: you must setup your email see here
    send email “Site is down.”
    wait 0:10

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