• Here’s a tricky one:
    Worst advice: don’t use antivirus software.

    Best advice: use your head, don’t use antivirus software :)

    I guess it depends on the user =)

  • Rush

    Best advice: Stop clicking. If it didn’t work when you clicked it before, it either will or wont eventually but your computer is neither afraid of your impatience nor hurt when you click or type “harder”.
    Worst advice: “Type regedit in the run box, and then you can just look through there and get rid of anything you don’t think you need.” (I saw this on one of the forums. Thought I was going to have a stroke.)

  • @Klemen

    Tricky indeed. Sadly there is no alternative to AV for regular user. It is better than nothing and as much as regular user can manage by himself.


    Yeah, nervous clicking is bad. And people who do that are least likely to give a damn about advices.

    Messing with registry – that kind of advice just makes you mad and wanting to immediately fix Internet. :)

  • Chocobito

    Best advice: Don’t accumulate piles of software installed in your hard drive.

    Worst advice: Delete the folder of that program for rid of him.

  • @Chocobito

    Using portable covers “do not install loads of stuff” nicely. It’s a pity there are always must-have apps remaining that don’t have portable version. :(

    Deleting to uninstall actually passes fine, but only as last resort. There are plenty of cases (especially with native Windows installer) when overly complex uninstallation procedure just fails and you are stuck with unwanted and/or broken program.

  • Sandrina

    Update software or OS.
    Sometimes it is good advice sometimes bad.

  • @Sandrina

    That one could and should be excellent advice, thus many people give it as such. It’s a pity that there are always some developers that screw update process or break things in new version.

    It hits especially hard with portable, where there is much less stuff to worry about. Distribs from PortableApps sometimes drive me crazy with clashes of portable packaging with apps’ native update mechanisms.

  • Best:
    Defrag your hard drive

    Clean your registry.

  • @Samer

    Yep, defrag is excellent advice! Don’t know how I missed it in post. Maybe cause I don’t do it much lately since upgrade to SSD at my desktop.

    Latter I’d correct to “clean registry with this crappy tool”. I am quite content with CCleaner in this regard. It is enough to get some obvious garbage cleaned out, but shallow and well developed to not break anything.

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