• Finding new things to talk about is always the hardest part.. especially when you’re talking about new pieces of software. Best of luck to you in the new year finding new things!

  • @Angelo R.

    Finding is not that hard by itself, but it takes time. I lost count how many times I spent good chunk of the evening testing something for post and ending up throwing it out because of bugs or other issues.

    I definitely do not want my posts to become to shallow and that means less of them.

  • Chad Z


    Good. Quality over quantity. I really enjoy what you ahve to say, and you’re right to not water that down.

  • @Chad Z

    Thank you for support. :)

    I know that it can be discouraging for readers to see blog posts “drying up”. Well, it’s much more discouraging to see endless stream of half-hearted fluff and I would never let this blog to become latter.

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