• Well, there’s a bit of difference. With gaming — video games in particular, your success or failure is pretty private for the most part.

    With blogging, your success is patently obvious to anyone looking at your blog whether you post your reader count or not.

    Having comments and the type of comments that invite more conversation is a rather apparent marker of how “popular” (successful) your blog is.

    Yeah, you could post photos of your adsense checks, too.


  • @Margaret

    Yep, blogging is way more public than most of gaming. But so are massive multiplayer online games for example. :)

    Obviously not saying they are same but I think some reasoning between what makes people play and blog overlap. Both are wide field, both create feeling of achievement.

  • I agree with Margaret. In a game you can just start a new character and it’s done, new life. When blogging, you don’t get a second chance, especially if you go with video blogging! ;)

    But I agree, it does create a feeling of achievement and alo makes your head bigger by feeling you’re different and making a difference! hehe

  • @Ben

    Huh? Except video blogging how is it hard to start blogging from zero? Online identites are virtual – change nickanme and email and you are new character playing new game. :)

    In fact some people can have few online identites for different blogs at the same time easily.

  • Very true! Blogging is just like another game. For instance, I’ve discovered yet another player of the same team (read niche) :)

    in fact, after a long time our group has found a good blog under same niche. Keep updating..

  • @Whibbly

    Not sure if niches equal teams. :) Welcome to blog and thanks for your comment.

  • Fascinating post.

    I’d say the blogging game is a lot more subjective than gaming. But sure, you get drawn into that game of watching your stats. Although there’s less competition I’d say, but then that’ll depend on one’s genre.

  • @David

    It is certainly less defined. :) But there are lot of susupicious similarities and it is hard to say – were they always there or blogging was just shaped by earlier trends.

  • It’s a very interesting article. makes you wonder if somehow they can be related. For me,gaming is relaxing though you’ve got to think of a plan. In blogging, you think of what to say but it is what you usually want your readers to know.

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