• Ash

    I need help, im trying to download google play store on this phone so i can download instagram cause i really want it… do you know how i can do this?

  • @Ash

    If your country is supported by Google Play it should have been pre=installed on your phone. Otherwise I am not sure if it can be installed on demand and even then you might not be able to use it because of country restrictions.

  • Shyam

    I cannot connect to the gmail account on my GTI5800 Samsung set.Ur help is much appreciated.

  • @Shyam

    Check that you are typing password correctly and such. Other than that nothing to advise really, other than contacting Samsung’s support.

  • allan

    how can i change language in my gt-i5800?

  • @allan

    My guess would be in phone’s settings. :)

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