• raveren

    Hey, it takes a lot of courage to be so honest I bet, you’re a really strong person.

    If I can advise, and you’re already into meditation, just go do the real thing, and experience the real Buddhist technique, the one Matthieu Ricard talks about. It’s a ten day retreat, free, fantastic food, happens all over the globe, and if you can sit through all of it (and it’s a tremendous effort to meditate 10 hours each day x 10 days) – for the next few months you will know how happy you could have been all your life.


    No affiliation, but I did do it twice. Got incomparably more progress in the first three days there than through out 2-3 years doing “mindful meditation” on my own.

  • raveren

    oh shit, I already commented your Calm article :D

    See, still reading your blog :)

    Anyway, I’m just spreading the knowledge, it’s yours to take it or ignore it.

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