LAN wiring cheat sheet for mobile phone

rj45 Bit of hardware for today’s post. Inspired by wasting my morning on discovering that Sony notebook doesn’t play well with cross-wired wall sockets. :)

I don’t deal with networks often so I never remember wiring for connectors… Especially I don’t remember that when I urgently need it. Carrying paper cheat sheets with rest of garbage IT-tools is not very nice solution so I decided to cook wiring cheat sheet for my phone.

Looks like this :


Just pick the size needed for your mobile device. They are rotated to fit screen better. So if you have horizontal screen or your phone doesn’t understand what PNG is I suggest IrfanView for fast correcting those problems. :)

128×160 176×220 240×320 352×416 480×640

This is how it looks like on my Nokia E60. Geek, isn’t it? :)


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  • wow great share mate :D will keep in my windows mobile ;)

  • Hehe, need to try WM some day. Bit sick of Symbain – it’s way too locked. :)

  • wow this is great can i do it in my own mobile? its kinda weird and cool.. ahaha i like it!

  • great tip, i’ve been looking for a sheet like this, and i found yours. thanks!

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