1. Donace | TheNexus

    Looks interesting, have been meaning to look for a more detailed tool to replace ‘DUMeter’ which I use at the mo.

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  2. Rick


    Nice comparison review between Networx and Netlimiter… Will definitely be looking at Netlimiter; however, want to keep monitoring the development of Networx. I have noticed they are frequently enhancing it to make it better. Maybe they will take a look at what your assessment is…

  3. Jonny

    Thanks for the mention Rarst, I see all connections with my firewall (comodo) more or less so use this to monitor speed and interwebs usage only. Cool app!

  4. Bitstar

    I have when a software sais it works on windows 2003 server and when I install it I find out that it works, but you need to stay logged in with an active session. Who the hell would stay logged on a server just to keep it running. It’s crap software. Didn’t they hear of windows services?

    Right now I’m still looking for a freeware app to do this but work in a server environment, without asking me to stay logged in :) Pls let me know if you know such an app.

  5. Bitstar

    It’s not unfair at all if it’s traffic monitoring tool. Is it too much to expect of such an application (that also claims to work on windows 2003 server too) to work without me being logged on 24 hours a day?

    Besides, from a developer’s point of view (i’m a developer) implementing a windows service is trivial. If you do something, do it right from the beginning.

    Finally I did find an application that works ok as a service (Prtg Traffic Grapher 6.0). The only thing i dislike about it is the reporting (can’t select a period on the calendar). NetWorx’s interface is a lot more intuitive.

  6. Bitstar

    Making a software portable just so you don’t have to press uninstall when you are done with it is just an excuse to get away with inferior software that is much easier to make. A windows service can be removed just as easily as it was created. The uninstaller should gracefully handle that.

    What exactly do you gain with a portable traffic monitoring tool other then easy uninstalling when your isp removes your traffic limit? I don’t know…but I know what you don’t get :P

    Besides…networkx had to be installed so there goes the portability excuse :)

  7. Allan

    I see all connections with my firewall (comodo) more or less so use this to monitor speed and interwebs usage only. Cool app!


    So does Networx install also as a service? I know Netlimiter installs as a service, but how about Networx?

    I tried Netlimiter but couldn’t figure out how to set a total quota, but with Networx its a snap, and you can check a checkbox as well to ingore local traffic. But does it run as a service, or do I have to actually be logged in at a desktop with it running in the traybar for it to do its job?


    Groan, apparently Networx does *NOT* run as a service… : see this SoftPerfect forum thread

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