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  • With the new solid state drives, one doesn’t have the option of hearing any warnings of the hardrive failing. Recently, I experienced one of my 200GB solid state drives that just died without any warning at all. The system was working good, took a break and came back to a frozen screen. That’s all she wrote. I lose quite a bite of data. I had just moved and didn’t have my NAS up and working, so I lost one weeks of emails.

  • Well, cool sound diagnostic skills are still no replacement for proper backup routine. :)

    Sorry about your emails. Is NAS your only backup medium? It is quite easy to store moderate amounts of data in the cloud nowaday, I am more than happy with Dropbox.

  • @ Rarst – I have some external USB drives as well backing up the files. I still need to find a off-site backup solution that is affordable. At the moment, I am using Jungle Disk for off-site backups.

    I will look into dropbox and see what they offer. Thanks for the info.

  • @Spunky Jones

    See https://www.rarst.net/tag/dropbox/ for my posts on Dropbox and backup in general.

    Dropbox in few words – excellent usability, lowish initial free storage, considerable free storage from referrals.

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