Crumpler Banana Cube — compact photo bag

I have considered mention my small photo bag in passing, but in the end this delightful thingie gets its own post.

I had started out with half–photo backpack, when I got my current camera. It can be a little bulky, depending on context, and too much to take around just for the camera.

I used lens case for my whole camera, while it fit in with 30mm pancake lens. It no longer did with 45mm and I got the Banana Cube as compact photo bag that works both by itself and can be stowed inside larger bag.

Banana Cube XS

Banana Cube XS


I got the bag in XS size (smallest of three), so there isn’t much space inside for much to be going on.

It has just enough space for an mirrorless camera with up to 50mm lens. You can move internal divider around for a perfect fit. That leaves just enough space inside to also put charger or pancake lens in, but little more.

There are two pockets — under the flap and on the inside of it. Nice for small things. Very small things.

The bag is made from neoprene. It is nicely thick (for compact dimensions) and a little weather resistant. I got under a mild rain couple times and it kept things inside dry, but it’s definitely isn’t properly waterproof or anything.


The one issue I have with the bag is the strap. It works pretty well… while I want it, but it is horribly inconvenient to remove.

I have experimented plenty on what to do with it when packing inside of other bag and best I could come up with so far is tying it into kind of awkward bow at the back.


I have been and remain Crumpler fan. While I am perfectionist and can always pick some issue with their products, overall this one serves me very well too. With trademark sturdiness and convenience.

Link Banana Cube XS at crumpler.eu

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