• I’ve never understood why some people think they should be paid for speaking at WordCamp’s. I’ve always considered it a privilege, not a job.

    I have plummeted the number of conferences I’ve given talks at now though. I find it distracts me from just chit chatting to people at events.

    My most recent talk in Norway is now being regurgitated for multiple meetups in Berlin now. I have two lined up for later this month, and I suspect I’ll end up using it for other events later on too.

    • I think the challenge of seeing it as a job is due to general slant towards throwing yourself at the things for free in WordCamp community. As per post it hadn’t even occurred to me to think about speakers getting paid angle until the topic got forced.

      This is definitely not the attitude in larger tech world. I would recommend to read You’re paying to speak and discussion for some perspective.

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