My essay for HeroPress

I rarely write for other sites. A while back I was invited to participate in HeroPress project about periphery of WordPress community and developing it.

It started as a video project, but ended up shifting to a text essays.

You can read my Finding Your Place essay there and I am looking forward to upcoming posts from other participants.

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  • webdesign #

    Hi Rarst, Great Essays on HeroPress! :) I think the project is a great initiative. Keep up the good work. Greetings, Niels
  • Andrey “Rarst” Savchenko #

    Thank you! I am glad mine was well received and looking forward to essays from other participants very much. :)
  • Julie @Niackery #

    Hi Rarst, Thanks very much for sharing your experiences. I somewhat recently started following your blog because I always appreciate the comments you post on other sites, which got me curious about what you post on your own site. I really enjoyed reading your HeroPress essay :) I kind of see a link between what you say in the essay and the way which I started following your blog (by reading -- "listening to" -- and appreciating your comments). Looking forward to reading more of your writing. Cheers!
  • Andrey “Rarst” Savchenko #

    The direction of my own site is kind of wobbly at the moment. It started out as a software blog and I had launched a revamp after a long (year+) pause in posting. Will see where it takes me. :)