• Read it top to bottom, will have to read again, probably 2-3 times. Your writing is excellent, and just as Sarah said on Twitter the bullet lists do help a lot to stay on top of described events and their chronology.

    Still there’s something in all this that makes it hard for me to really grasp and comprehend. I guess war has never been so close, and that’s what it feels like by now—very close.

    Looking even more forward to see you happy and healthy in Sofia about a week from now!

    • Thank you, my blogging is rusty so I am glad it came out readable. :)

      Looking forward to Sofia very much (and desperately trying to get out of half–sick state before it :).

  • there is an end to it, yes!

    Soon you will read news in the morning and it says that the war is over!

    please never stop imagine this!

    me too imagine it
    with you
    for you
    with people from everywhere
    in this world.

    PS: i found your article in my google+-account, in germany, berlin.
    last time i had a young girl from ukrainia in my flat as a flatmate. she came here to learn german language and had to returned to her home.

    my very best wishes to you and all people suffering in war!

    • Thank you for good wishes. We will get through it, we’d better. And maybe I am a pessimist, but even pessimists don’t deny passable outcomes happen too. :)

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