I remember

I had just returned from WordCamp Belgrade 2017, where I attended wonderful storytelling workshop by the chummy hugger Nevena Tomović.

Right at the start we had to pick up pen and paper to write down a memory, starting with “I remember”. This is what I wrote.

I remember being on a wave breaker.

Which I am not sure is the right name.

But that is what it does.

Breaks a wave, since you can’t stop one.

And wave breaker gets to be in an interesting place.

It sits where the land ends.

And where the land ends — lights stop.

And where the lights stop… You can see the stars.

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    This is not my contact form and I don’t typically have capacity to help with direct requests, sorry. :)
  • momses #

    Sorry and thanks for your replay.
  • Gorky #

    Nicely written sir! Good to write things down every now and then. Have a good week!