• Nice. I remember when I was trying to upgrade memory on my laptop. I was overconfident, and just opened up the laptop, and found that I had no clue that I was doing. Then I had to revert to user manual :)

  • In all the builds I’ve done to date, I always find that the Dual-Channels are in different sets. For example, Instead of A1,A2 it would actually be A1,B1 and A2,B2 so to get full use of dual-channel memory you would have to use A1 and A2.

  • @Ishan

    Yeah, my old reflexes still urge me just to fill slots from closes to CPU. But multi-channel stuff made a mess out of it for little benefit.


    Might be different marking between manufacturers. I mostly deal with Asus motherboards in recent years. That’s why I pressed in post that motherboard manual is a must for this stuff. :)

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