1. Angelo R.

    Good post, I tried to refrain from doing this since I don’t think most readers will use it past the novelty item phase, but you definitely covered all the points.

    I think that it will not replace email as the defacto communication method. My primary reason for this is that it has elements of a social network, and I don’t see people jumping ship off Facebook anytime soon. Add to that the fact that it is confusing and will seem like an information overload to most people and this will remain a very tech-niche project.

    However, that same tech-niche will devour the API and hopefully come up with some creative uses for it.

  2. szekelya

    I’d also like to summarize Wave for my colleagues, and I’d like them to use it. But I’d like to disagree with you, … but wait, I have no access to Google Wave so I’ve never seen that and have no idea about it. Any chance that someone offers me an invitation? :)


  3. Angelo R.

    I’m not sure if Rarst has any more invites, but if he doesn’t mind I can hand out a few invites exclusively to Rarst visitors.

  4. szekelya

    @Rarst: It would be great, thanks. Please strip the “+…..” part. :)

  5. szekelya

    OK. Thanks to both of you.

  6. Angelo R.

    @Szekelya I’ve sent you an invite.

  7. The DataRat


    Best that I can discern, Wave is just things we already have
    …but combined. Not convinced IM/forum/e-mail/wiki/collaboration
    tool as one thing is either novel or particularly useful. ( How
    difficult is it to have IM and an e-mail client, etc. all open at
    the same time ? ) Simple copy-and-paste negates any necessity for

    The needless complexity is just asking for glitches. Seems far
    less problem prone to have each function as a discrete application.
    Copy-and-paste between them ! Hard hard is ~that~ ?

    But at LifeHacker they’re having orgasms over Google Wave. The
    avant garde bleeding edge of trendiness.


    The DataRat


  8. szekelya

    There at LifeHacker they have orgasms about nearly everything starting from PVC pipe laptop stands to cardboard iPhone holders, but I take the liberty to get enthusiastic only about stuff I really need or like. They have recently featured one of my desktop screenshots / system meters, so sometimes they are hyping the right things. :)

    I also can’t imagine how it would be so revolutionary thing changing everything we used to think about internet communication, but that does not mean too much, I never understood the facebook and twitter hype neither, still many think those are the best things since sliced bread.

    For me the [gmail / greader / pidgin-with-multiple-protocols / cellphone for "live chat"] combo did the job, and I have already stopped wishing for a desktop gmail client for a while, I like my browser better than my desktop apps and prefer to talk on my phone than in IM clients.
    In that manner a web based combination of all of these might be a great idea, but since my online social life does not even remotely resembles of those youngsters, who are so loud about it, I might not be from the typical target group.

    Bottomline, I want to try that once my invitation arrives before I’d be calm to put that in the facebook/myspace/twitter drawer.

  9. The DataRat


    “I never understood the
    facebook and twitter hype


    Same here !

    Facebook and, particularly, Twitter are entirely over-rated.


    “Email is standard but
    completely suck, over
    two people in the loop
    and conversation falls


    Well, THAT’s exact ~it~ ! Google Wave is, more than anything else,

    I have enough difficulty finding meaningful conversation with a
    single individual at a time …much less multiplex communications !
    [ As opposed to a forum (like this one) which is one-to-many rather
    than true multiplex (i.e., simultaneous two-way). ]

    My experience being that each added person to real time communication
    arithmetically subtracts intelligence from the overall dialogue. The
    IQ of any given conversation elevates inversely to the number of
    people conversing !


    The DataRat


  10. The DataRat


    “By the way do you need
    Wave invite as well ?”


    Thanks, but I got to wash my hair today.


    The DataRat


  11. szekelya

    BTW putting apart scepticism, if it turns out to be a good collaboration platform, I wonder if it can really solve all collaboration needs, or just combines the already existing tools, that you might find that sucks like email, but I might be satisfied with.
    The core thread plus sideforks plus media sounds fine, but never really felt that the existing tools would be so bad about it.

    What I’d like to have in a single collaboration tool (leading 10 people in a telco support and integrator department) on top and not instead of my existing e-mail / IM / presence / fileserver possibilities :
    -easy file sharing of eventually big files. Even cd iso images or bigger.
    -task assignment with notifiers, acknowledgement, possibility of progress or status reporting (not for project managers, no need for overcomplicated resource graphs and visual representation of task dependencies, just simple stuff)
    -groupcalendar that interacts with corporate tools (Outlook/Exchange and cellphone calendars)
    -rss feeds for separate topics
    -All this without having to direct our corporate mailing from internal Exchange accounts to public gmail – admitting, that I still have no understanding what and how exactly wave does.

    Will wave do some of these for me?

  12. szekelya

    “Thanks, but I got to wash my hair today.”
    You’re tough. :)

    “My experience being that each added person to real time communication
    arithmetically subtracts intelligence from the overall dialogue. The
    IQ of any given conversation elevates inversely to the number of
    people conversing !”
    Couldn’t agree more. Same with meetings, unless there’s a moderator with strong control, or if the meeting is too formal to get lost in irrelevant timewasting. If this is a imultaneous many to many communication form, I’m sure I’d want some control not to let fun overcome productivity.

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