1. Jonny

    Cool app, I like the look of the program incoming outgoing stats. I currentley use networx from softperfect but it doesn’t have quite the same features.

  2. Madmouse Blog Tips

    I have used NetLimiter in the past, it is a great little tool. As you say, precise traffic breakdown and reporting. Definitely made for a nut like me that needs his stats.

  3. Jim Sefton


    I don’t usually get to comment on many of your posts because I am a Mac user, but I do have some experience with this product from using a PC on the 3G network. Skype is horrible for sucking up all available bandwidth whether it needs it or not and this program is great for limiting that. Often Skype needs less than 10% of what it actually uses, so running this software can keep your costs right down if you are being charged for your bandwidth.

  4. MK

    I have always wonder why my connection meter keeps running even when I just turned on the PC, without running anything else. Since I have bandwith limit, every kilobytes matters.

    Thanks for the app Rarst, I’m downloading it now.

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