1. Harry M.

    Hi there! I was looking for a dropbox invite for quite a while now. Would love to get one:

    hardy.mardy (at) gmail.com


    Nice blog, btw! Love freeware… :)

  2. Tiago Souza

    Can you give me an invite?!


  3. Andi

    Hi there!

    I hope I’m not too late, but I’d love one as well!

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Steve

    Hi – hope I’m not too late either – cos I’d love an invite also if you still have any left – thanks in advance!!!

  5. MrM

    if possible id love an invite too :)



  6. Frank

    I would love to have an invite! This is the BEST app I’v seen. I can’t wait to try it

  7. Frank

    Thanks Rarst! I spent the whole day today looking for a sync app like this! You made my day…!! signed up, and looking forward testing it ;)

  8. Rarst

    Just don’t rely on it too much. :) It’s still beta so bugs are very possible.

  9. flerick

    Nice blog post. Thanks for bringing my attention to DropBox :)

    If you have any left, please send me 1. Thanks

  10. Ken

    I would like an invite if you have some left. Thanks.

    PS Interesting blog. Saw your comments on FreewareJunkie

  11. flerick

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. Needed it just right about now to move some screenshots from one pc to another. I’ll be coming back Rarst. :) Thanks a bunch again!

  12. Ken

    Thanks for the invite. Had the google gadget for it, but was doing me no good without an account.

  13. Idae lisco

    Can i get one plz??

    i’ll be veery thankful

  14. crazyfox

    Can you give me an invite? Am I in time?


    Nice blog!!!

  15. Nihang Shah

    Can you send me an invite? Thanks in advance.

  16. Jenny

    Hi – I’d like an invite!



  17. Chad

    I’d love an invite, Thanks in advance!

  18. David

    Hello Rarst, I Would really appreciate an invite.

  19. andi

    You have any invites left? Would love to get one! Thanks in advance!

  20. Ethan

    Hi, if you have invites left, can I get one please?

  21. Ethan

    Thank you very much. Appreciated that :)

  22. Mark


    If you have an invite going spare I’d love to have one.



  23. Mark

    Wow! That was quick. Many thanks.


  24. ramooonas

    If you have any free invite plz send it to me

  25. Matthew

    Hi, I would love to try out dropbox if there are any invites left.

    Thanks in advance

  26. Jim Sefton

    Interested to hear how you get on with this and how effective it is. I have been looking for a good sync utility between my Mac and PC for ages. Would this work if I put the client on my Mac and PC?

  27. shane

    can someone please send me an invite for drop box thanks

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